robin_presRobin Tools Broke ground in 1989 as a small family run company involved in the designing of tools. Eversince the commercial operations began,”ROBIN” vision was to study & identify the consumer needs by offering well designed & engineered products as a solution.The key of sucess was without doubt


With this Drive, the company , in short span of time,emerged as on of the country’s leading manufacturers of DIY Hand Tools. The company since it’s inception has maintainded its own standards of quality without any compromises.Over the years,this path,dotted with total commitment & exacting standards has provided the company a rock like foundation.Today with decadeds the experience in it’s belt, “ROBIN” has firmly established a position of pre-eminence in the realm of tools.

The company aims at building on its traditional strength and fulfilling its vision of becoming a world class company, dedicated to professionalim & pre-eminent.With the solution of every need, an extensive range of products with a nation & world wide distribution network, the consumers can relay on “ROBIN” for. what they deserve.

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